November 2018
As we look back at what has been, and look forward to what will be, we are so thankful for God's promises. He always sends the most beautiful rainbows as a reminder of His faithfulness when we need it the most.
"...Behold, I am with you always..." -Matthew 28:20
During the chaos, these two cuties turned 1!
Being in a big city called for REAL pizza
Thank you everyone for praying! My trip to Manaus was not without it's hiccups, but was overall very good. And, as I expected, David handled things like a master here on the home front. The results from my language test are in, and, praise God, I have officially finished my formal Portuguese study! I am so thankful for God's grace over the last year and a half. It is exciting and humbling to look back at what God has taken us through and taught us (aside from Portuguese) during this time. So, here's to the end of our Portuguese classes, and to the beginning of our ministry among the Yanomami.

On December 13th, we will be coming back to the US for about three months! We will use this time to touch base with our churches, families and friends, and we could not be more excited. We can't wait to start scheduling times to meet up and reconnect. Also during this time, David is planning to take an intensive medical course that will equip him to deal with a variety of medical issues ranging from minor to emergency. 

Before our trip back, we will be wrapping up our life here in southern Brasil and shipping our things to the mission base in Manaus. When we return, we will spend at least a month at the mission base getting to personally know our leadership while we prepare to build our house. Right now, David is on his way to visit the village where we will live and work, to connect with our coworkers and the people there. Please pray that this trip will be a great time of reconnecting with childhood friends and of fellowship with our coworkers. I am so thankful that my mom is able to be with us while David is gone, and will be staying to help us with the moving process.

Thank you for praying and supporting us. We we could not be here without the body of Christ! Looking forward to seeing many of you soon.

The Hartmans
Praise God:
  • That I passed my evaluation
  • That we are able to come back to the US for a short furlough
Please Pray:
  • For safety as David travels into the village
  • For our sanity during the packing process
  • For us as we say goodbye to all of our friends here
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