September 2018
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Dear friends,

Thank you so much to all who have walked with our family through the difficult loss of our brother-in-law, Diego. We were so blessed to have spent three weeks back in Michigan. We received the extravagant love and care of so many during that time. We had a place to live, a vehicle to drive and meals provided. Thank you too for those who gave generously to cover our travel expenses. You are marked by the love and generosity of our God. Glory to Him!

In returning to Brazil to continue Portuguese study, we were faced with the need to make some adjustments for the good of our children. Tiras is so happy to be homeschooling this semester, which fits him much better than going to school here. Daea, on the other hand, continues to attend the little Brazilian school in the afternoons. She is making new friends and seems to be doing very well. Zeka has required more intentional time from both daddy and mommy. The trip to Michigan and back again seems to have really thrown him for a loop. We are still having some rough days but I think overall he is doing better.

Anna is studying hard and working to attain the required language proficiency level by her next evaluation (December or February). She is making extensive verb conjugation charts with which she is decorating our dining room walls. She has a white board for a verb of the day, and she spends time conversing and sharing life with Brazilian ladies. Praise God for the meaningful relationships she has developed. I too am continuing to study Portuguese but have begun working toward our upcoming transition to the village context. This includes house planning, preparing for a survey trip in November, and developing a personalized 10 year church planting strategy...exciting stuff!

Thank you for your partnership with us! 

David, Anna, Tiras, Daea, Zeka, Ezekiel and Loretta

Praise God:
  • For time spent with family
  • For uneventful travel
Please Pray:
  • For our family as we continue to work through our transition
  • That we would be able to officially finish out our Portuguese study before Christmas
  • Continually for Naomi and her kids as they learn to live life without Diego.
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