January 2019
Hi friends,

It is good to be back in Michigan. We enjoyed seeing both sides of our family during the holiday season. We will be here in Michigan through the end of the month, and will be in Wisconsin for the month of February. It has been great to begin connecting with our ministry partners, and we look forward to catching up with many of you soon.

Thank you to each of you who prayed for my vision trip to the Yanomami. It was a wonderful beginning to our transition into tribal life and ministry. I set foot in 3 Yanomami villages, but spent most of my time in the village we will soon call home. There I was re-immersed in Yanomami language and culture. God is so good! Though I have had limited interaction with the tribal language in the past 10 years, God brought it back to me. I was able to understand and converse with old friends. It was encouraging when our language consultant, without doing a formal evaluation, placed me, at a minimum, at Capable-low. This is only 2-3 sub-levels away from being able to teach God's Word!

I was hosted by our future co-workers, who from first-hand experience gave invaluable insight into our upcoming house building project. It was a great time of fellowship and planning. I also met with the village chief and other leaders and received a welcome into their community. At the end of the trip, they approved a piece of land for our house, and are excited for me to return with Anna and the kids.

While I believe there is a hunger for the things of God from members of this Yanomami community, these are dark times we live in and the enemy is trying to take full advantage of these struggling believers. Many challenges await us and our Yanomami friends in this church planting endeavor, but it is a joy and comfort to know we are on mission with Him who has been given all authority in heaven and on earth and who is always with us!

Thank you for your part in this ministry. We could never do it without our partners. 

Together with HIM,

David & Anna
Praise God:
  • For an encouraging and productive vision trip to the Yanomami
  • For these four months with our family and partners
Please Pray:
  • That we will make the most of this time back in the US to reconnect, to rest and to prepare for our return to Brazil
  • For our family's transition to tribal life and ministry
  • For our church planting co-workers and Yanomami friends
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