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After transitioning back from the Central African Republic, the Cones are state side now and working on the Action Bible in Sango.

We are doing well. We had the same snow situation which prevented Sharon and Rick from coming here on Feb 5. That was the day we had 15 inches! We hope to get them here sometime soon when the weather is more cooperative!

I had carpal tunnel surgery on Jan 5. It was a huge success and I no longer have neuropathy in my right hand. No numbness or tingling anymore and it is WONDERFUL. I didn't realize how much it kept me up at night. I still have it in my feet but will learn to live with it.

Kim is really enjoying his translation work on the Action Bible in Sango. He works every day but Sun into the afternoon on translation work and then goes to the woods to cut dead trees for firewood for exercise. He has a great team to work with, all linguists. He is finding out things he didn't even KNOW about Sango too. He is over half done with a book that is over 700 pages! Voice of the Martyrs has largely subsidized the Bible so it will be affordable to people in CAR. We also have frequent contact with Fulani in CAR who call us. None of them seem to be much affected by covid. As you heard, I am sure, our national colleague went to be with the Lord, unexpectedly, last yr and we heard that his wife moved the family back to CAR from Cameroon. They had followed the Fulani to Cameroon when they were ethnically cleansed from CAR during the war. She felt like, without a husband, she needed to be nearer family. Plus, she has a teen aged son who is brain damaged from cerebral malaria and is difficult to handle. She is nearer a hospital now where she can get meds for his condition. Pray for Sidonie as you think of her. She also had a wonderful ministry with Fulani women teaching them about gardening and God's Word. Some of our Fulani friends have returned to live at Gamboula where we were stationed. I am hoping she is able to have contact with them.

I still work part time at an assisted living facility. We have lost most of our PCA employees who were seeking higher pay so I am not sure how it is going to go in the coming days. I just cannot cover shifts for everyone! Thankfully, we have had no covid in our facility.

We attend Crossroads EFC in Plymouth and are really enjoying the preaching from the book of John. Scott Yoder and Collin Seitz are 2 of our pastors who were recently at the theology conference you might have been at too. They felt like it was a very profitable time.

We did get the gift cards sent by Bethel and I sent a thank you card which I hope arrived there. We have not used them yet as we don't have those specific places in our small town, but when we go to S Bend or on trips to churches, I hope we can. Your church is always so generous to us with cards each Christmas. We feel very loved by you all! Thank you again! If Sharon had been able to come here, I have a picture from Africa for her to take back to the church. I wanted her to pick one out. They are made from either butterfly wings or tree bark, made by a national in CAR. We are giving one to each of our supporting churches.

I can imagine you sitting in your living room enjoying the lake view from your front windows. What a lovely location to be at and be able to see the cold outdoors from a warm house! We have an upstairs and downstairs wood stove here and when it is below 30degrees, we have them both going. I love the warmth from the fire!

We recently went to a supporting church in Virginia and had a wonderful visit there. Kim is preaching on zoom twice for another church in NJ in March. Their pastor and wife are on some sort of continuing education trip for his wife's degree. And we plan to visit our home church in Indy in Mar or April, whenever it works for them. I will be glad when the weather is better for driving.

Kim will be writing a prayer letter again this month soon. He does them every 2 mo. We hope all is well there and I am sure you look forward to spring. First, we have to get through the slush of winter melting away Today it is 50 here so it is starting but I expect it to freeze up again.


Jan for Kim, too